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Mini VLQ now available

New Mini VLQ needle probe for thermal conductivity meter TK04The new Mini VLQ is a 50 mm long needle probe with a diameter of 2 mm for small samples. It can be used where standard size probes are too large for the available sample dimensions. This includes compressible materials like soil samples which cannot be tested with the already available Mini HLQ for plane surfaces.

Use the Mini VLQ for samples with a minimum diameter of 40 mm and a minimum length of 60 mm. The Mini VLQ has a measuring range of 0.3 to 6 W/mK and an accuracy of ± 5%.


New Mini VLQ   ˅

Application examples

Testing powder and fragments


Powder and fragments are tested with the Standard HLQ probe using the TK04 sample container (click image to enlarge).



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