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TK04 Thermal Conductivity Meter

  • Thermal Conductivity Meter TK04
  • Needle Probe (VLQ) for TK04
  • probe for plane surfaces (HLQ)
  • Software-controlled Measuring and Evaluation
  • Wide application range
  • Large Needle Probe for field use
  • Additional Evaluation- and Analysis Software

We manufacture and distribute the high precision thermal conductivity meter TK04, designed for fast testing of solids, fragments, powder and viscous liquids.

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Thermal Testing And Consulting Services

measuring thermal conductivity of backfills and bedding materials

We offer contract testing services for laboratory and in situ tests (including boreholes) and professional consulting for thermal conductivity and temperature problems.

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TkMonitor Temperature Data Logger.

TkMonitor Temperature-Logger-System

We manufacture and distribute the modular temperatur data logger system TkMonitor, capable of monitoring the values of several hundred temperature sensors.

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